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Storage Spaces for Antiques and Classic Cars in East London

Antiques and classic cars are commodities that are expensive and valuable and you need to store them in safe places to avoid damage and theft. Keeping it in your house is dangerous and risky. There are various companies in east London that provide these services to you.

  • Company located in Walthamstow, this state of the art facility is one of the best in east London with facilities to move your house, cars, students storage and antiques. They have state of the art delivery trucks that ensure that your stuff Is safe and secure. They even offer various offers in price depending on the amount of time you want your belongings to be stored. s.

  • Brickfield Business Centre Located in Epping, this company provides storage spaces for antiques, classic cars and even auxiliary storage services such as furniture, important files and documents, equipment and tools and seasonal stock. Equipped with CCTV cameras , you can be rest assured bout the safety of your belongings. The services are 24/7 , so during emergencies there are no problem

  • Walthamstow Storage this is a Company located in the heart of Walthamstow wherein they provide storage spaces for all your needs and fancies. Right from cars, expensive belongings to important files and documents. Their mobile self storage is a service where they come to your house to pick up your belongings and bring it back to their facility. There are spaces dedicated for students as well.